Update ETS2 1.39

We are happy to announce the launch 1. 39 to Euro Truck Simulator 2 because of feedback, testing improvements, tweaks, and fixes!

We’d like to thank everyone who took part during the 1.39 Beta open to all, submitted bugs reports, and provided general feedback regarding the new version. We hope that you’ll be able to fully appreciate the new features that are included with this version. So, what do you expect from update 1.39 of ETS2?

Let’s briefly discuss the most important modifications.

Update to Launchpad

A first feature you’ll be able to notice when you start Euro Truck Simulator 2 with open beta 1.39 is the revamped launch panel. The primary reason behind making this change is to open the way for an upcoming upgrade that will add new features to our games, which can be accessed via our launcher.

In the meantime, you can observe that the layout has drastically changed. The profile you select on the top of the screen now affects all other managers and options in the Launcher. This is not limited to the Mod Managerhowever but the latest addition we’ve put there – Game Settings.

This lets you change game settings without loading the game. Also, if you’re looking to modify your gameplay before streaming it on Twitch or change some settings before you getting to your car, you can perform this on your launch screen.

Trailers with low frames and a small loaders

As mentioned in a blog post, Euro Truck Simulator 2 will include new trailers with low frames. The trailers have been designed from the beginning to allow players to buy them and use them for many different tasks, including High Power Cargo Pack and Heavy Cargo DLC.

Low-frame trailers can now be found in two basic models, both extended and short, and an adjustable chassis that may affect their performance when transporting heavy loads. You can directly also modify them using various new options like the colors, bumpers on the rear, lighting, banners, markers, sides treads, multiple variations of side boxes or toolboxes and beacons, strobe lights, mudguards, etc. More! These options need to be modified for the new trailers to make sure they’re perfectly fitted! This significant update does not affect only the game itself of ETS2. However, it also affects many other DLC, including Heavy Cargo Pack, High Power Cargo Pack, Schwarzmuller DLC, and Special Transport.

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The port we represent is Calais, the fourth-largest port in France and the busiest one in terms of passenger traffic. The port’s industry is responsible for over a quarter of the region’s economic activity. As you already know, Calais is one of the cities that we use in the main game launched by Euro Truck Simulator 2.

A special section from our team for map design has taken the time to make a significant change to the look of the port and city and port, giving it a new and modern 1.39 appearance. The most important difference you’ll see is how the port appears on the map. The Port of Calais is massive, and our team of developers has taken great pains to reflect this reality within the map’s scale accurately. In addition, the port that is being rebuilt will be equipped with new facilities, including gates and terminals, ferry ramps, and fencing.

Other updates include improvements to the port’s entrance and its city’s surrounding areas, which have been updated to reflect the real world more closely.


1.39 also comes with a range of bugs fixes, improvements, and sound enhancements. It includes, among others, better sound mixing for the cockpit and other modifications to prepare for new and coming content.

One of the new features you’ll notice is the inclusion of a “Turbo sound” slider on the game’s settings screen. When we added channel for turbo sound in the past, it was hailed as a significant improvement in simulation. We went to every effort we could to make sure that we created it in a way that was based on actual recordings of lounges. Many players have expressed their appreciation for the sound. But, over time, we’ve also received feedback that the whistling sounds might be too tricky for specific players. This new slider continues this trend, giving users more control over the process of simulation. We hope you like this latest feature and the additional sound adjustments to go with it.

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Although the major changes introduced in 1.39 aren’t visually obvious in this version, we’re looking at bringing you additional content and improvements soon.


  • Updated Calais


  • Updated start panel


  • Trailers with low-frame frames (own)
  • Low-frame Schwarzmuller loader (own) for Schwarzmuller DLC
  • DAF XF 2017 Facelift added to cars that have AI
  • MAN TGX Euro 6 added to AI vehicles (also with 6×2 or 4 versions)


  • Updates and improvements to sound (turbo sliders, audio placement, spatial cab mix and sound distribution to accessories)
  • The Trailer Browser and Lister list the load options that are allowed.
  • Emulation of the primary shaft of the experimental transmission and the clutch brake Caliper (g_clutch_brake)