Architecture and villages of Iberia

From narrow streets to ancient castles and churches, Iberia is home to many historic towns and villages. Whatever route you take through the region, you’re likely to encounter a variety of architectural styles. In our brand new DLC to EURO truck Simulator 2. our teams conducted research and designed new buildings and locations that best reflect the most typical architectural styles in Iberia.

It’s a challenge to write about the entire village and the architectural history found throughout this peninsula; there are a lot of typical projects you’ll be able to spot when driving through Iberia. Mainly, orange terracotta roofs are prevalent on many villas, homes, and structures built due to the abundant clay extracted from local quarries. region. The most popular construction method comprises white walls, floors made of stone, and windows that have shutters to help block scorching heat. It’s not all of Iberia is indigenous, however. Beginning with Spanish colonial (a mixture of Native American and Moorish influences) to Neoclassical architecture, it’s evident that you will see results from all over the world present in numerous monuments and buildings in Spain and Portugal.

Make sure you spend some time enjoying the past and the beautiful architecture that is located throughout Spain in addition to Portugal.

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