Iberia: Lisbon

Lisbon is a city of history blessed with sunshine every day of the year, and temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees C. It’s no wonder that thousands of visitors come to Portugal’s capital each year to enjoy the stunning views of the coast and delicious food and much more. Today, we’re thrilled to present to you an unfinished gallery of images of this city that will be included in our forthcoming DLC Iberia for Euro Truck Simulator 2.. It is one of the only European capital cities with coastline and rivers. Lisbon has an impressive background in maritime transportation that is industrial. Lisbon is also among the most ancient cities located in Western Europe; it is the only one. Athens has the distinction of being the one city in Europe that is considered to be the oldest. So what kind of truck drivers anticipate seeing while driving in Lisbon?

Well, we don’t wish to ruin it in any way. However, with the abundance of industries such as factories and shipyards, plenty of inbound and outbound goods will be available. The drivers will also drive by famous landmarks, such as two bridges that will link travelers over their journey across the Tagus River. With the sun shining, amazing views, breathtaking scenery, and delivery, we’re confident that Lisbon will be one of the top spots you’ve got on your bucket list as soon as Iberia launches. If you haven’t added Iberia on the top of your Steam wishlist! It will help us out and notify you of the release date shortly. You’ll also find exclusive content that’s not posted on this blog.

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