Downloading ETS2 Android APK – a full tutorial

The determined values ​​can be placed on the desktop or displayed as a tray icon. All changes can be saved in five profiles and called up via the hotkey. The MSI Afterburner is a graphics card tool that you can use to overclock and monitor your graphics card. With the Afterburner, the clock rates, the fan speed and, in some models, the GPU voltage can be changed on all common graphics cards.

I have already introduced Share via HTTP. The app stays in the background and only becomes active when you use the “Share” button on Android – but that’s why it’s no less ingenious and practical. Share via HTTP is perfect when it comes to quickly transferring a file from one device to another. The app starts a small HTTP server and then makes the file to be shared available under the smartphone’s IP address and port 9999.

ets2 android apk download
With ETS2 Android APK you will love mobile gaming again.

In the first step, I would like to operate the existing actuators (Siemens) via an app. Since I’m a bit older, I currently use the ETS via an RS-232 serial interface. If this is your first visit here, please read Help – Frequently Asked Questions first. You may have to register before you can post.

Using the program is anything but easy, so the program also offers a comprehensive tutorial when you start it, explaining what to do. On the official website you can also find preset cheats for more than 100 games. With this version you have to download the Telemetry Server in version 3.0.2 because there was a bug in 3.0.1. This prevented that the angle of inclination / roll angle could be displayed as an indicator and thus the dashboard.js was not processed correctly. The Euro Truck Simulator is still very popular with gamers and modders alike.

The download process if pretty straight-forward

This can be adjusted using the slider and assigned to certain temperatures using trigger points. The most powerful and versatile feature of the MSI Afterburner is undoubtedly the Rivatuner Statistics Server (RTSS for short), which offers extensive monitoring functions. If required, it updates the values ​​in real time (the polling rate can be set), has a recording function and can record minimum and maximum values. Recently, the program has also mastered the input and output of percentiles.

The app writes some entries in the hosts file of the Android operating system and redirects requests to advertising servers to your own device, so that advertising can no longer be loaded. This way, all advertising is blocked – even in apps.

Please always make sure during installation that mods mean an intervention in the file structure of the original program and can therefore also overwrite existing content. Please read the instructions of the mod makers carefully, because funload cannot accept liability for any damage to the Euro Truck Simulator. If you follow the instructions and make a copy of your saved files, you don’t have to worry about anything bad. In this forum you will also find many important tips and tips for dealing with mods. The old ETS2 Android APK installed various options at this point.

So on average twice a year, how should you pay for that? October 2012 in stores and available on the popular download platforms. The predecessor already enjoyed great popularity. In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can listen to your own favorite Internet radio stations while playing. To ensure that this works without any problems, we have described the procedure in this article.

Start “server / Ets2Telemetry.exe” (you have to do this as administrator if you want to connect to other devices within your local network). If your iPhone or Android connects to the same network as your PC (Wi-Fi), opens the “ETS2 App URL” in a browser and turns your device into the landscape display once. After successfully completing the job, you receive money and experience points. With the money you can tune your truck, buy garages in other cities and hire other drivers. It makes particular sense to buy garages so that you can always start straight from these cities without having to go there with an empty truck.

Once you’ve downloaded ETS2 Android APK – let’s install it

A monitoring function also allows the vital functions to be monitored. Right, because the afterburner, like Evgas Precision Tool, is based on Rivatuner technology from Alexey “Unwinder” Nicolaychuk.

The aim of the game is to set up your own freight forwarding company and to escape from being an employee. Here you can download the APK file “ETS2 MODS ModsHub” free of charge for the Android system. The APK file version is 0.1, to download to your Android device just click this button. If the materials on this website violate your rights, please let us know. Euro Truck Simulator 2 skillfully brings the fascination of heavy trucks to your home computer.

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With the Freeware Teamspeak you stay connected at all times and always have a direct line to your fellow players. The server provides the interface to all clients that are available for almost all platforms. With the clients you log on to the Teamspeak 3 servers.

There you can continue programming via the RS232. Simply bind the KNXnet / IP interface via the WLAN router to a fixed IP address, the rest should work for your purpose. In 2000 I set up my EIB bus with ETS2 together with a colleague.

The driver is confronted with all kinds of complications on the highways, just like in real life. There are construction sites, toll booths, Sunday drivers, diversions, red traffic lights and a wide variety of weather conditions that affect driving but also ensure fun.

Click on ‘Register’ above to start the registration process. Just choose the forum that interests you the most. In Euro Truck Simulator 2, players take control of their own original tractors from various manufacturers and use them to drive the varied roads of Europe. Some features of the second series offshoot are, in addition to various, partly original branded vehicles from real manufacturers, also more than 60 cities across Europe.

Some fun facts regarding the game

A visualization based on browser standards is far from subject to change because the browser standards remain backwards compatible for a very long time. This is not possible with a closed and proprietary app from a provider. I can not imagine that one of today’s providers of visualizations based on an app will guarantee ongoing updates over such a period.

It helps him to create his user professional, in which one also chooses the starting city and a truck. With the 30-tonner all over Europe – whose childhood dream has always been and still is, for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Download is a real recommendation. The playable demo impresses with great graphics and realism as well as a trucker career from order driver to freight forwarding mogul.

The app should also not be missing on any smartphone! You can’t get a better email app for your android – especially not under a free license! A simple, modern design, numerous configuration options down to the last detail and a practical “shared inbox” for all of the email accounts that were set up convinced me. Emails can be encrypted directly from K9 via APG. There are several ways to update the Euro Truck Simulator 2 for the non-steam version.

Another device only needs to call up this address and the file is served directly. Afterburner can be used with both Nvidia and AMD cards. The main functions include the clock and voltage options, which are offered for both Radeon and Geforce graphics cards, as well as the fan speed.

With Performance Control you can set the line of your smartphone CPU and thus also the energy consumption. If you can do without some performance and instead need longer battery life, you can throttle the CPU or set a fixed clock via the app. In addition, the app shows information about memory consumption, running apps and other system information. Of course, Performance Control needs root access to the system. In principle, you don’t need to have the KNXnet / IP interface in your ETS2 Android APK project.

Otherwise, Orbot can also function as a normal proxy. In this case, the network settings in the individual app or system must be adjusted and a proxy set up.

The controls on Android explained

The filter lists can be updated regularly via the app. Root access is required so that the contents of the system file / etc / hosts can be overwritten.

VX ConnectBot is a free SSH client that also supports authentication via OpenSSH keys and port forwarding. VX ConnectBot also enables file transfer via SFTP to transfer files to or from a server. Upon request, the SSH client generates console screenshots from the current session. An app has to be adapted for almost every new OS release.

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Orbot brings the TOR network to your smartphone. The TOR Client enables anonymous surfing on the Internet, so that your identity remains secret on the Internet. Setup is relatively easy – especially if Orbot is registered as a transparent proxy in the system. In this case, all HTTP data traffic is directed to the Internet via the TOR network and applications do not have to be reset.

The salient feature of Euro Truck Simulator 2 compared to its predecessor is the improved graphics. A route planner and the many passable cities ensure variety in the comprehensive career.

You can also take a look at the other visualizations for which there are categories here in the forum. Download your Teamspeak 3 software for free and at high speed from us.

More and more user-generated mods are expanding truck simulation with a variety of additional content. We have searched for the best Euro Truck Simulator mods and present the selection here. APG is a PGP provider that enables files and text messages to be conveniently encrypted with PGP. It is possible to generate your own keys, import third-party keys manually or via keyserver and even establish a connection to the K9 Mail client. AdAway is what we mean by an ad blocker in the browser.

The Rivatuner has not been updated for a long time. The gameplay of the truck simulator is simple. The player receives an order that he has to carry out and receives money for it. The orders are deliveries of any kind that have to be driven from one city to the next.

The pros and cons of playing on mobile

As soon as it is on the bus and you know the IP address, you can send and receive telegrams on the bus. For the existing project, I will continue to make changes with ETS2. For new modules I need at least ETS3. Here I will have to move to the present.

After my last adjustment with the ETS2 a couple of years ago, the offer of the ETS5 training is right for me. Since I didn’t need a completely new project, the demo with 3 addresses or the lite version should suffice. If you are still using an older version, you can use the 1.92 GB patch V1.27.2.3 for all versions.

Teamspeak 3 shines with many features that make it easy to set up and use. The voice quality is excellent and the latency has been significantly optimized compared to the previous version. If you feel addressed and are also a passionate ETS player, we have put together the best mods for the Euro Truck Simulator for you here. Simply overwrite the file in the above folder with ours. So you have all RauteMusik transmitters clearly in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and can easily listen to our transmitters while driving.

The download of this simulator takes some time and the installation on the computer, in front of which you can set the language if required, takes time. But then the game opens immediately and you’re ready to go! The first step is a small tutorial to instruct the player.

Operation via the browser is easy even for inexperienced users, how you can display the functions can be controlled via the Config. And with Android you can also put a link to the CometVisu ​​website on the homepage, there is also an Android app that encapsulates the call.

All readers receive free news, articles, guides, videos and podcasts about current game hardware and their favorite games from us every day. So far we have mainly financed this page through advertising, but since COVID-19 it has become increasingly difficult. Many companies will cut or cut their advertising budgets for 2020. Budgets, which we unfortunately rely on if we want to continue to offer PC games hardware in the usual way free of charge in the future. The joke is that with a KNXnet / IP interface you don’t actually have to set anything if you only have one line anyway.