ETS2 1.38 open beta

After the announcement of the open beta of the ATS 1.38 we are excited to offer the community the enhancements, fixes, and additional features of the forthcoming Version 1.38 that will be available for the Euro Truck Simulator 2. .

It’ll take at the very least a couple of weeks until the full version 1.38. The key is to remember it is the very first raw open beta and is still in development. If you’d like to take this test and contribute to the project, please consider notifying us of any bugs you discover in the appropriate section of our forum. Your comments and suggestions are critical to us, and we would like to thank everyone who takes the time to assist us.

So what’s new to find in Open Beta 1.38 for ETS2? Let’s have a look!

The city of Lille has been given a brand new look that includes new roads, upgrades on existing roads, more precise landscape, and the addition of new terrain textures, vegetation, and much more!

The most significant changes are updates to road junctions, which were revamped to follow more realistic designs. Overall, road signs and roads have been updated to include more realistic, accurate, and precise textures.

You can find a particular blog post on this topic, which demonstrates the many changes found in and around the city. However, the most effective method to appreciate the entire picture is to visit the town yourself! So make sure you make an excursion to Lille and tell us your thoughts on one of our channels on social media. Another significant change implemented in 1.38 refers to the different dealers for trucks situated throughout Europe. Every truck model is now a distinct dealer style. In addition, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map areas are upgraded, so make sure to check them out in-game whenever you drive by (trust me, this is worth the effort! ).

We are also pleased to introduce a computer graphics method to efficiently approximate occlusion effects in real time. Screen Space Environmental Occlusion, more commonly referred to by its acronym SSAO or short for short, produces shadows on areas that connect objects to give them an authentic and natural appearance regarding light and shadows. What can this feature do to our gamers? To make the process as easy as is possible, SSAO adds missing shadows in the places they should be and improves the shadow copy overall. Also, it improves the appearance of shiny surfaces (such as chrome and paint).

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SSAO improves the user experience and overall look that the sport has. However, it has an impact on performance. Technicallyspeaking, it’s a post-processing feature on the entire screen with an internal resolution that is full, meaning there’s lots of math involved for every one of the pixels.

Graphics cards with lower power can be unable to keep high quality. With 400% or similar scaling, even mid-level devices will feel the effects on frame rates. If you’re not satisfied with the frame rates after this update, explore the advanced graphics options within the game and test to determine the ideal combination of quality and scale to suit your needs. If your GPU is weaker, it is possible to remove SSAO altogether.

A simple method of explaining the benefits of using SSAO is to present an array of images that compare. Check them out! Keep an eye out for our blog or two shortly, as we’ll give you more information on SSAO within a different piece! We’re also thrilled to announce an upgrade for our RGB Color Picker, which drivers can use when purchasing or customizing their trucks to color. It now allows you to input a particular color code (HSV, RGB, and HEX). Additionally, instead of saving color presets that only apply to one color, The color palette now lets you simultaneously save presets for all colors of a paint job. So, the user can save and test the colors saved using different paint jobs. This feature is available to all users. We have also increased the number of color swatches to 40 to help you color.

We know that many drivers want to have their trucks colored in the same way across their fleets. We hope that this feature can be beneficial to you.

DAF XF Tuning Pack has also received a minor update, letting the user paint any DAF chassis. We are looking at seeing how DAF drivers benefit from this new design for the DAF fleet because we know that many drivers prefer to match the color of their vehicles. Include DAF Trucks and SCS Software on our social media pages to share photos of your freshly painted cars. Also, we’ve made some changes for the GPS Route Advisor, which is now a modernized and sleeker interface that lets you zoom into the map display. It’s not the only thing, but we’ve also updated the information for those who use checkpoints on their journeys.

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The FH Tuning pack available for Volvo Trucks also received a minor upgrade in response to the feedback we received from our customers. Drivers will also find new tuning parts like front wheel covers and LED side deflectors. front bumpers that are stock and rear upper fenders made of chrome and plastic options.

We are also pleased to offer 3 new special transport routes for drivers in our new Euro Simulator 2 map, Road to the Black Sea. These routes:

  • Resica in Targu Mures
  • Stambul up to Edirne
  • Pleven in Sofia

Every journey is going to have its challenges. Be sure to adhere to the directions on your GPS advisor and the speed limit you have set before leaving, as there is no chance of errors!

This add-on is free for owners of Road to the Black Sea and Special Transport for Euro Truck Simulator 2. free update for the owners of Road to the Black Sea and Special Transport for Euro Truck Simulator 2.


  • Re-skin a little bit
  • Unique truck dealerships
  • Special transport routes on the roads towards the Black Sea
  • From Resica from Tyrgu- Muresa
  • From Istanbul to Edirne
  • From Pleven to Sofia


  • Auto transmission upgraded (shift points and adaptive modes)
  • Covers for painted chassis of XF Tuning Pack
  • The dead zone of the steering is fixed.
  • New tuning components added to the FH Tuning Pack


  • Sight improvement – procedural occlusion generation (SSAO)
  • Route Advisor redesign
  • Navigation using ETA to next waypoints in the route assistant as well as on the world map
  • Tobii eye trackers
  • Reworked
  • RGB color palettes added RGB inputs HSV, RGB and hex
  • Predefined color presets for colors


  • Update to FMOD 2. 01. 01
  • Each truck has its own horn
  • Corrected sound of retarder in the event that the engine is turned off.
  • AI – removing shifts in trains and electric vehicles

Enjoy all the new features. However, please keep in mind that This is an open beta and not a stable version for the public which means you could be confronted with bugs, instability glitches, or crashes. This is fine if you prefer to hold off until the final version.