What ETS2 Mobile can bring to the gaming world

During the game, the player can buy and upgrade new trucks and garages. Countries are supplemented by various additional DLC’s to be acquired. Although we couldn’t tell you at this point (as this would ruin the surprise), our team made sure that a detailed report of their trip was kept. Here are just a few of the highlights of their ventures. The makers of SCS software are not lazy and are currently working hard on the American Truck Simulator.

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The beautiful world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 awaits

Hard-working players have already created tons of new trucks and even new scenarios, for example in North Africa, Brazil, Scotland or Iceland. In addition, modders with the free “ETS2MP” ensure the long overdue multiplayer mode, in which you can drive with other online truckers in convoys. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (abbreviated ETS2 Mobile) is a truck simulation that was developed and published by the game developer SCS Software and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. October 2012 released and is a direct successor of Euro Truck Simulator from the year 2008. The player can drive with different trucks through Europe and transport different freights, which he has to pick up and deliver in many European cities.

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The ETS2 Mobile is as amazing as it’s computer version.

During their travels, the ATS card team also came across many of the truck stops that dominate the US highways. At each stop, the team learned something new about these rest areas for drivers and what makes them unique. They even had the opportunity to chat with some friendly truckers and ask a few questions! “The best thing for me was definitely to see the big truck stops, services, these huge intersections and the impressive road infrastructure.” says Nicolaj T.

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can listen to your own favorite Internet radio stations while playing. Because working is more fun. To ensure that this works without any problems, we have described the procedure in this article.

Secured by escort vehicles, impressive special transports roll over motorways and country roads that are partially blocked by the police. The new loads include construction machinery, transformers, motor yachts, helicopters, locomotives, tractors and various components.

Now there is Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator with Oculus Rift Support. In addition, the developer has also integrated support for OpenVR, theoretically also for the HTC Vive. The Gold Edition of the Euro Truck Simulator consists of the main game, with which you can celebrate your entry into the world of truck driving. But so that you don’t get bored of this entry too quickly, the Going East DLC also includes an expansion of the virtual world. This takes you on over 15,000 kilometers of additional roads to Eastern Europe and enables you to deliver to Warsaw, Gdansk, beautiful Kraków or the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Why it’s worth to give ETS2 Mobile a try today

But our customer support is also a building block to enable our customers to play without complaints and offers the best possible help for all kinds of problems with the respective product. Euro Truck Simulator 2 was one of the first games that we tested longer with the DK 2 of the Oculus Rift.

Nevertheless, a certain charm unfolds, after all you explore a large European route network including well-known cities (even if they are extremely small). In addition, you always acquire new license vices and set up your own transport company. Your employees then take over freight orders fully automatically. The Mercedes-Benz Actros models were not included in the release in Euro Truck Simulator 2 because SCS did not hold the rights to them. Even before the brand was licensed for SCS software, which was officially introduced with update 1.18, Mercedes-Benz was present in the game under the name “Majestic” as in the other games.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo is here! If you want, you can now download the extremely popular simulation and test it free of charge. In 2008 truck fans all over the world fell into each other’s arms, because on this day the unofficial successor to “18 Wheels of Steel” – the Euro Truck Simulator. After having been able to virtually truck through the USA for years, it was finally possible to find your luck on the streets of Europe. A video demonstrates the new sound experience, which can best be seen in the comparison in the driver’s cab with the window closed and open.

Communication with other players can take place via text chat as well as voice chat. The latter imitates the functionality of the CB radio.

October 2012 in stores and available on the popular download platforms. The predecessor already enjoyed great popularity.

The revolution of mobile gaming is here

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In April 2014 the next DLC with the topic of nature was published, whereupon further DLCs with different flags appeared. Further DLCs with the themes of fantasy and wood appeared in the course of 2014. September the “Pirates Paint Shop” DLC appeared, which implements new paintwork on the subject of pirates in the game.

With millions of cars rolling off the assembly line, you will have no shortage of logistical jobs in this industry. The ETS2 Mobile was released in 2012 and is still very popular thanks to its loyal followers and mods. The gameplay is very simple and, thanks to random orders, requires lengthy journeys on country roads and highways.

Gradually, you also unlock tuning parts and can upgrade your vehicle both technically and optically. Via the download button you can enjoy the almost 600 MB Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo (in the current version 1.9.22).

Simply overwrite the file in the above folder with ours. So you have all RauteMusik transmitters clearly in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and can easily listen to our transmitters while driving. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been

it is the same size and weight as me. but she still has a completely different figure than me and somehow still seems quite stocky and plump compared to me.

It is not uncommon for trailers to be used, the axles of which can also be steered in order to be able to safely maneuver the long and often wide trailers through city traffic and tight bends. The Linux and Mac versions are only available via Steam. In May 2017, the Heavy Cargo Pack was released, which contains eight new heavy loads and two corresponding new trailer types with articulated axles. There is also a new chassis variant (8×4 heavy-duty chassis) for trucks from Mercedes, Volvo and Scania. If you are tired of completing one job after the other in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and looking for quick money, you better remember the mother of all cheats.

Remember to install the latest and updated version of the game

December “Road to the Black Sea” is available on Steam for the price of 17.99 euros. With TruckersMP an unofficial multiplayer mode for ETS2 and ATS was released in May 2014, which is played as an MMO. The game can be used in multiplayer via an additional client.

The free demo allows you to enjoy the game as you please, as long as you want. However, some features are limited until the full version is activated and cannot be used until then. SCS Software has released a small update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 via Steam this week. Friends of comfortable simulators have every reason to be happy.

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 is primarily sold and updated via Steam. You can either buy a license key directly on Steam, in stores or via Amazon¹. Some of the game is also available as a DVD version that does not require Steam. If you have an associated license key, you can find the download files here. Note that you have to download and install updates manually, and Steam is the preferred distribution channel.

The main game is only the entry into the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You should definitely take a look at the previously released DLCs and extensions – from new countries and add-on parts to new trailers and oversized loads, everything is included. With the main game, you get your imaginary ignition key and driver’s license in your hand and you can use both to drive and transport goods to over 60 cities in ten countries. In addition to striking sights of the individual cities, challenges such as left-hand traffic in Great Britain await you. As your mobile base you can choose from over a dozen different, licensed trucks from the big seven European manufacturers.

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DLC Italia has expanded Italy, which is not fully included in the main game, since December 5, 2017. November 2018 the DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea was published, which also adds a part of Finland and Russia, as well as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 24 new cities are included in the DLC. Road to the Black Sea was released in December 2019, adding Romania, Bulgaria and the European part of Turkey.

Prepare to be amazed

The brand was the last one whose license was still missing. Oh yes, the expansion also comes with its own achievements. Paint job themes are several DLCs that add new paintwork for the trucks, of which the Halloween DLC first appeared. In December 2013 the second DLC with the winter theme was released.

With the update 1.38 the DirectX 11 possibilities are to be exhausted and the game shines in new splendor. The team found many examples of this on its journey, as it discovered many natural features that would not have been found in online photo references.

“We have learned an important lesson about how truck stops work and how we can make them much more realistic! For example, trucks keep driving back to their parking lot.” The manufacturer itself offers the Eastern Europe expansion Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Going East and with Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Scandinavia an additional content for Denmark and Sweden. The game also impresses with its mod-friendly structure.

Instead, they took many unique photos and videos from their trip to show and share with their colleagues in Prague. Thanks to the ports throughout Iberia with connections to Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Atlantic, Spain and Portugal are an ideal location for automobile manufacturers due to the worldwide shipping. Some of these operations are so large that many ports have their own car transport terminals, which are exclusively intended for the transportation of automobiles overseas. If payment is received later, the delivery date will be postponed accordingly. The actual shipping time may vary in individual cases, especially at peak times.

Another new feature is the option to leave the truck in the service and vehicle browser and view it from the outside. For this purpose, the “garage scene” was specially redesigned in the game. For the first half of the year, SCS Software plans no less than two major updates for the ETS 2.

This transports the action to California, where you heat up the prairie with American trucks. In addition, further areas are planned on the new continent. Nevertheless, the simulation remains PC-exclusive for the time being – versions for consoles or mobile platforms have not yet been planned. As it is a beta version, SCS software cannot completely rule out problems that may arise, such as unstable program behavior, crashes and other restrictions. So that you don’t have to type our transmitters in complicated ways, we have created a ready-made “live_streams.sii” file for the Euro Truck Simulator 2, which you can easily download here.

In addition, the DLC Vive la France! France not fully contained in the main game.

All mods have been tested – here class applies instead of mass! In addition, there is news about simulations and occasional videos on the site that inform simulation fans about new simulations. However, carports are not the only new prefabricated buildings that can be found in the Iberia area. Drivers will play an important role in the delivery of parts and cars to and from the various car factories to the shipping terminals.