ETS2 1.38 Open Beta: Horns on the Roof

When SCS launched the 1.38 OPEN Beta of Euro Truck Simulator 2, their team has worked tirelessly to make a variety of modifications, improvements, and bug fixes as reported by the users. As previously, with earlier versions, you will notice that the beta version of ETS2 was updated several times throughout testing so that any bugs can be tested again. Sometimes, however, we add new features which may not have been this in the first version.

Today, we will be focusing on an update made in the ETS2 1.38 The Open Beta. It has a feature that was asked for in the ETS2 community for quite a while to give more real-world experience when putting air horns in the roof.

When the game was first released, we didn’t provide any places to mount roof horns in the truck’s models. The options for tuning trucks were smaller than they are today, and it was the right time to pay off another credit card. Putting horns up over the top of the vehicle, which up until recent could be the best option available, isn’t common practice in the real world. To accurately reflect the truck’s configuration, our team has added some new “pins” on the truck’s cabs that have been specifically designed to accommodate air horns. We’ve done our best to ensure their placement is determined by the suitable sources, primarily based on factory settings, naturally but also considering what we can see in the photo settings of the truck festival.

However, this isn’t the only thing that has changed, as we’ve also included new horn designs to reflect the real-world application of air-horn methods that is often found on vehicles across Europe. While we’re still working on updating 1.38, We hope you’ll be able to enjoy this update to your trucks.