Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.38

After a thrilling weekend in the world of American Truck Simulator with the arrival of Idaho, We are happy to announce the launch of version 1.38 to EURO Truck Simulator 2!

We’d like to express our gratitude to all of those who participated in the open beta and reported bugs and general comments. We wish you the best of luck and fully benefit from the many new features included in this version. So, what exactly can you anticipate to find within ETS2 1.38? ETS2 1.38 upgrade? We’ll give you an overview of the major changes.

One of the most critical changes that players will see in all cities is the addition of brand-new dealerships that have distinctive brand names. Each of the dealerships on the Euro Truck Simulator 2 map has been updated, so you must find them whenever you pass through (it’s well worth the effort!). In addition, the French town of Lille has also been remodeled with this update. A few of the most significant changes are updates to roads and junctions that have been revamped and made with more detailed designs. In addition, the streets and road signs have generally been updated with more precise, realistic, and detailed textures, in addition to new buildings and other objects. If you’re taking delivery but are not sure, we would recommend visiting Lille personally.

We also are pleased to present the use of computer graphics to simulate occlusion effects in real-time. Screen Space Environmental Occlusion, also known by its acronym SSAO or short for short, produces shadows that connect objects to give the illusion of a natural and real-looking appearance regarding lighting and shadows.

The less powerful GPUs may be unable to maintain their high-quality performance, and with 400% or similar high scaling, even low-end machines can experience a drop in frame rate. If you’re not content with the frame rate following this update, you can go to advanced graphics in the game and attempt to determine the best balance of scaling and SSAO quality for you. If you have a less powerful GPU, it is possible to turn off SSAO completely.

This feature is more easily explained by one of our experienced programmers. We’re also excited to announce the much-requested RGB Color Picker update that allows drivers to color their vehicles when buying or customizing their trucks. Now, you can choose to input specific colors (HSV, RGB, and HEX). We’re aware that many drivers want to have their trucks color-matched across their fleets, and we hope you’ll appreciate this feature.

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Also, there have been some adjustments on the GPS Route Advisor, which is now a modern, cleaner interface that lets you zoom into the map’s screen. It’s not the only thing. However, we’ve also added new information for drivers using checkpoints to travel. Users will be able to view relevant information regarding their next checkpoints, including the distance from the next checkpoint, the estimated arrival time via their GPS, and a globe map. DAF The XF Tuning pack has also received a minor update that now allows every DAF chassis cover panels to be painted. We’re looking at how DAF drivers use this latest design for the DAF fleet since we are aware that many drivers want to match the color of their vehicles. FH Tuning Pack

The software for Volvo Trucks also received a minor change based on the opinions of our customers. Drivers will also get new tuning parts such as front wheel covers and LED side deflectors, front bumpers with stock designs, and rear upper fenders that come with chrome and plastic options. This isn’t the only thing we’ve changed that we’ve made, though, as we’ve also added new horns that better reflect the actual appearance of the air horn’s design. To accurately reflect the actual truck’s configuration, our team has added brand new “pins” on the cabs of trucks specifically designed to accommodate air horns. We did our best to ensure the location of the pins was determined with the correct reference points, mostly from factory settings; naturally, however, we also looked at the information we could find in the photo of the truck festival settings.

We’re also pleased to present 3 brand new special transportation route options for driver in our latest expanding map of Euro Truck Simulator 2, The Road to the Black Sea . The routes include: Resica to Targu-Mures, Stambul, Edirne, Pleven, Sofia. Each trip has its own unique obstacles. Be sure to adhere to the directions in the GPS advisor as well as the speeds that were established before leaving since there is no chance of errors! This add-on is free for all owners of Road to the Black Sea and Special Transport. free upgrade to Road to the Black Sea and Special Transport owners for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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There’s more to this update! If you’d like to know more about the additional features with this upgrade, please read our previous blog post on the open beta 1.38.


  • Re-skin the skin of a small animal
  • Unique dealerships
  • Special transport routes on the road that leads to the Black Sea
  • Resica in Targu Mures
  • Stambul to Edirne
  • Pleven to Sofia


  • Automated transmission with improved efficiency (shift points and adaptive modes)
  • Paintable chassis covers to XF Tuning Pack
  • New tuning components added to the FH Tuning Pack
  • Rails for the roof (standalone accessory that can be mounted)
  • Renault Trucks Range T AI added (4×2 6×2)


  • Improved vision by procedural development of occlusions (SSAO)
  • Route Advisor redesign
  • Navigation using ETA to next waypoints in the route assistant and on the world map
  • Tobii eye tracking addresses
  • RGB color redesigned
  • Addition of RGB inputs. HSV and hex
  • Color presets that can be used


  • Update to FMOD 2. 01.01
  • Each truck has its own horn
  • Corrected sound of the retarder in the event that the engine is turned off.
  • AI eliminates the need for gear shifting in trains as well as electric vehicles

for the previous version that was not Steam-based on ETS2, the update will be available in a couple of days. Mods might not be up to speed in time, and this update may end them. Remember, you’re always able to stay on 1.37 or an earlier version. Select them and access the Steam client – LIBRARY. Right-click Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Properties – Beta tab – choose the version you want to use.