Iberia: fruits, crops and farms

Producing fresh fruits and vegetables is an important business that is important to Spain and Portugal. These two countries rank among the top exporters and producers in Europe. From avocados to oranges, Iberia offers ideal conditions for growing and the space needed to grow a broad range of fruits, crops, and vegetables.

In our forthcoming Iberia DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2, Drivers will be able to transport and deliver a variety of equipment and goods in this crucial industry sector all across Spain and Portugal.

Iberia will also introduce newly designed prefabricated structures that represent an array of farms in Iberia and vineyards and large commercial farms. There is, however, one kind of farm that could be a draw for you while traveling. It is located in the southeastern region of Spain. They are farms generally covered in white plastic greenhouses. This type of intensive agriculture is growing in popularity in Iberia because farmers can provide optimal conditions for growth in the extremely arid and hot regions of the peninsula for growing fruits and vegetables.
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