The amazing ETS2 Android updated again

But for one of the most popular taxi simulations in the app stores, the game is pretty monotonous. There is hardly any traffic on the multi-lane city highways and navigation to the destination is fairly easy. The “ETS2” fan Leon Bataille obviously wanted a real cockpit with authentic displays.

In this case, the network settings in the individual app or system must be adjusted and a proxy set up. The requested service or the requested page is currently not available?

And with Android you can also put a link to the CometVisu ​​website on the homepage, there is also an Android app that encapsulates the call. You can also take a look at the other visualizations for which there are categories here in the forum.

There’s everything you need in ETS2 Android

ets2 android apk
With mobile games being as beautiful as ETS2 Android we no longer need a PC.

The price of Road to the Black Seas is expected to be 17.99 euros. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (abbreviated ETS2) is a truck simulation that was developed and published by the game developer SCS Software and runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. October 2012 released and is a direct successor of Euro Truck Simulator from the year 2008. The player can drive with different trucks through Europe and transport different freights, which he has to pick up and deliver in many European cities. During the game, the player can buy and upgrade new trucks and garages.

These are supplemented by add-ons and DLCs, which increase the number of trailers and the available loads. However, these are always the, admittedly extremely widespread, articulated trucks. However, articulated trains with swap bodies, as are common with German logistics, shipping and courier companies, cannot be played. The gameplay of the truck simulator is simple.

Building technology should work for 20 or 30 years, then the average owner will have a good 8 to 12 generations of smartphones with 20 to 25 release changes of the OS – if not more. I can not imagine that one of today’s providers of visualizations based on an app will guarantee ongoing updates over such a period. Operation via the browser is easy even for inexperienced users, how you can display the functions can be controlled via the Config.

I have already introduced Share via HTTP. The app stays in the background and only becomes active when you use the “Share” button on Android – but that’s why it’s no less ingenious and practical.

Setup is relatively easy – especially if Orbot is registered as a transparent proxy in the system. In this case, all HTTP data traffic is directed to the Internet via the TOR network and applications do not have to be reset. Otherwise, Orbot can also function as a normal proxy.

Via the download button you can enjoy the almost 600 MB Euro Truck Simulator 2 demo (in the current version 1.9.22). The free demo allows you to enjoy the game as you please, as long as you want.

The main goal of playing ETS2 on mobile phone

It is not uncommon for these to move on the fine line between imagination and brilliant ideas. Sounds like you mentioned above, but a lot like marketing. So for the people who play the game there’s nothing to get for now. I personally already have all DLCs for both games.

In Euro Truck Simulator 2 you can listen to your own favorite Internet radio stations while playing. Because working is more fun. To ensure that this works without any problems, we have described the procedure in this article. Check here whether the servers are only accessible to you or to everyone. We measure the availability of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 servers from eight different locations, including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

Emails can be encrypted directly from K9 via APG. October 2012 in stores and available on the popular download platforms. The predecessor already enjoyed great popularity.

Countries are supplemented by various additional DLC’s to be acquired. The tuning is one of the few successful functions of the game. Four cars can be selected, the glossy bodywork can be repainted and new rims and wider tires can be mounted on the axles.

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Share via HTTP is perfect when it comes to quickly transferring a file from one device to another. The app starts a small HTTP server and then makes the file to be shared available under the smartphone’s IP address and port 9999. Another device only needs to call up this address and the file is served directly. In the past few years, some new truck models have appeared, which can now also be played under their real brand.

There are construction sites, toll booths, Sunday drivers, diversions, red traffic lights and a wide variety of weather conditions that affect driving but also ensure fun. ⇾ Actually not a bad idea, but it threatens to overwhelm the majority of the players. Professionals will surely have fun tugging their team through adverse conditions in the form of icy roads and proving that they are the best virtual truck drivers. The rest will probably just get stuck and, if possible, be towed to the nearest workshop or cancel the order altogether. Developer SCS Software has announced a new extension for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which will be released on the PC later this year.

Another new feature is the option to leave the truck in the service and vehicle browser and view it from the outside. For this purpose, the “garage scene” was specially redesigned in the game. AdAway is what we mean by an ad blocker in the browser.

Just take a look at those optimizations made to the APK

Over five years ago, Euro Truck Simulator 2 was released by the Czech development studio SCS Software. Despite the fact that the age is no longer young, the game continues to be supported. In addition to updates that further improve the game, downloadable content and expansion packages are also offered that add additional content to the truck simulator. As a player, you also have your own idea of ​​which elements are still missing.

But when the doors open and the new passengers board, the points account fills up again. Put the turn signal left again and the journey continues through Los Angeles. You can experience them in the ETS2 Android and iOS. After about 15 kilometers there is the first award. It’s really not easy to drive the cumbersome truck and trailer through Munich.

The latter imitates the functionality of the CB radio. In May 2017, the Heavy Cargo Pack was released, which contains eight new heavy loads and two corresponding new trailer types with articulated axles. There is also a new chassis variant (8×4 heavy-duty chassis) for trucks from Mercedes, Volvo and Scania.

The app should also not be missing on any smartphone! You can’t get a better email app for your android – especially not under a free license! A simple, modern design, numerous configuration options down to the last detail and a practical “shared inbox” for all of the email accounts that were set up convinced me.

Or they want to make sure that the user only gives his full concentration to one app. After all, split screen also means split attention. Android will notify you when an app doesn’t support split-screen mode.

That happens to the best, but can also quickly become an annoying permanent condition. In the following diagram you can see at a glance how often the service has not been available in the past 30 days compared to similar services. As it is a beta version, SCS software cannot completely rule out problems that may arise, such as unstable program behavior, crashes and other restrictions. A video demonstrates the new sound experience, which can best be seen in the comparison in the driver’s cab with the window closed and open.

You could play this game with your eyes closed

And so he set out to make one himself. As a technical basis, he used the speedometer from a VW Polo 6R, which he was able to connect with an Arduino controller via the CAN bus. This in turn was connected to the PC, the game itself provided the data for the speedometer. But this is only really fun when you can keep an eye on both windows at the same time. For a long time, this was not possible on Android tablets and smartphones.

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If you find a problem, you will find help at the end of the article on how to eliminate or isolate the problems. The download of this simulator takes some time and the installation on the computer, in front of which you can set the language if required, takes time. But then the game opens immediately and you’re ready to go! The first step is a small tutorial to instruct the player. It helps him to create his user professional, in which one also chooses the starting city and a truck.

The app writes some entries in the hosts file of the Android operating system and redirects requests to advertising servers to your own device, so that advertising can no longer be loaded. This way, all advertising is blocked – even in apps.

But still nice that the developers take part in the overall situation and give the players an incentive to stay at home. The passengers scream out loud when I hit the brakes as a bus driver. The bus stops too abruptly, which gives minus points.

Fortunately, this has changed since Android 7.0 Nougat. The split screen has been one of the native features ever since. The old ETS2 Android installed various options at this point. A visualization based on browser standards is far from subject to change because the browser standards remain backwards compatible for a very long time. This is not possible with a closed and proprietary app from a provider.

The filter lists can be updated regularly via the app. Root access is required so that the contents of the system file / etc / hosts can be overwritten. However, not every app can be displayed on an Android split screen. Sometimes the app developers don’t see the benefits of using them on a split screen.

The add-on takes truck drivers to small rural villages and along the Black Sea coast to Istanbul. Local farms, lumberjacks and the mining industry need our services, are you available to them?

The system requirements of ETS2 on Android

The player receives an order that he has to carry out and receives money for it. The orders are deliveries of any kind that have to be driven from one city to the next. The driver is confronted with all kinds of complications on the highways, just like in real life.

With the demo of the Euro Truck Simulator 2, high-horsepower trucks will hit the streets of Europe. This trial version is a limited version of the full version that can be activated directly. There is no time limit for playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the demo, but not all areas of the game can be used.

But that is exactly the goal of the game “Truck Simulation 16”, which can be bought for 2.99 euros for Android and iOS. Orbot brings the TOR network to your smartphone. The TOR Client enables anonymous surfing on the Internet, so that your identity remains secret on the Internet.

However, some features are limited until the full version is activated and cannot be used until then. With TruckersMP an unofficial multiplayer mode for ETS2 Android and ATS was released in May 2014, which is played as an MMO. The game can be used in multiplayer via an additional client. Communication with other players can take place via text chat as well as voice chat.