The launch of Euro Truck Simulator 2: Heart of Russia is unknown. The developers may cancel the DLC

The launch of the Heart of Russia add-on for Euro Truck Simulator 2 may not happen. The developers are mulling several options. However, they hope that the add-on will eventually be available.

The announcement of the Heart of Russia add-on for Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been delayed. The developers don’t know what date the DLC can be purchased for purchase, if it will be available at any point.

It is possible that the release of Heart of Russia DLC may never come to pass

SCS Software has delayed the release of the forthcoming DLC on its simulator. The latest expansion was expected to transport us to the center of Russia. The new map will extend the territory of Russia, which is already included in the game, adding new cities. The map would allow us to go to Moscow and its surrounding suburbs and have the chance to view the Volga River. They have been boasting about the stunning surroundings and attention to detail for many months.

The developers are mulling over a variety of possibilities:

  • The complete demise of DLC.
  • The release has been delayed for Heart of Russia.
  • Naming the DLC.

Paul Sebor, the co-founder of the studio, stated that the studio immediately began looking at possibilities for solutions.

The issue is complicated and certainly gives developers some headaches. But, SCS Software hopes that the DLC release date will be a bit more flexible. DLC release is close to the mark, and the conditions will eventually allow it. They are also hoping that the release will be a positive one. positive.