Euro Truck Simulator 2: Event Cruising Iberia

Join us to celebrate the launch of our brand new DLC for Iberia today, on April 8, by taking part in our most recent World of Trucks Travelling Iberia ! Learn more about this massive historical, beautiful, and stunning peninsula as you work. Originated from the Greek term Iberia (Iberia) and utilized by Greek geographers and geographers, it is now known as the Iberian Peninsula has an area that covers more than 580,000 square kilometers, which is why it is our largest DLC with 49 cities to pick from with each offering a diverse variety of cargo.

We encourage all of you, as our #BestCommunityEver, to join us in the monumental challenge of community – travel 250,000,000 kilometers. while delivering cargo to or from any city within Iberia. While you’re #CruisingIberia, we suggest you visit the beautiful towns along the coast located on the east, north, and south shores. The two major industrial centers of Iberia comprise Portugal as well as Spain. The two countries’ exports together include clothes and textiles, foods and beverages, metals, chemicals, wood products, oil refining, cans of fish rubber and plastics electronic and telecommunications, railway, aerospace equipment, shipbuilding, and, of course, tourism in addition to other things.

Drivers can also transport and transport various products and equipment in the crucial fresh produce and vegetable industry across Spain and Portugal. The new prefabricated structures cover a broad array of Iberia farms, including huge commercial farms and vineyards. We would like you to visit at least twenty of these towns. We are therefore giving you a reward for you to meet your personal goals that will require you to bring loads that is to the 20 cities you choose to or to . The jobs you are required to deliver are required to be at least 200 kilometers or further away, so make sure to be aware of the guidelines. Also, you are allowed to use your trailer on the market!

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Iberia is also home to review websites! In Europe, you can take pleasure in film-like views created by hand, highlighting the numerous landmarks you will discover. Examples include:

  • Visit the old port of Santander, which is the capital city of the autonomous historical Cantabria region. Cantabria.
  • Explore the magnificent Guadiana International Bridge. It is the southernmost land crossing along the border between Portugal and Spain.
  • Check out the magnificent Solar Tower located in Andalusia, The world’s first commercial tower that uses concentrated solar power. It took four years to construct.
  • Explore the ports of Valencia to breathe in the fresh ocean air in the most crowded part of the Mediterranean Sea and the fifth most crowded in Europe.
  • Discover the gorgeous city of Barcelona the capital and biggest city in Catalonia well-known for its architecture and art.

Let’s cruise around Iberia while contributing to the impressively huge industry! Prepare yourself for the adventure that you will never forget, since we’ve only discussed the features this new DLC will bring to Euro Truck Simulator 2. We’re always excited and are eager to hear your opinions on this vast, gorgeous vibrant, colourful, rich in culture and historic region. The rules for external contracts (or the outside market that have the profile of World of Trucks Euro Truck Simulator 2, The goal of the community is to travel 250,000,000 kilometers and deliver items to and from cities within Iberia. If the player successfully completes an order in or to

Any of the twenty unique Iberian cities that they can reach their personal goals.
All tasks required for the event must be 200 kilometers plus.

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Check whether your last deliveries fulfilled these conditions by clicking the Register on Your World of Trucks profile.


Personal Goal to 20 distinctive Iberian cities or towns you will receive a personalized World of Trucks achievement and an impressive ETS2 paint truck in The Iberian Lynx design of Steam. Community goal when the community goals are to travel over 250,000,000 km in the delivery for the city of your choice in Iberian cities as well and when the player has also achieved their personal goals and is successful, they will be awarded an adorable toys that resembles Iberian Lynx as well as a decorator that resembles Iberian Mask Crawler in Steam stock items. NOTE. To qualify for community awards, you must reach a minimum of your personal goals for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Each award is an inventory item in Steam that you can use in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Upon completion, pick up your reward on the “Events” page on your profile page at World of Trucks . The event will end on May 11, 2012, around 11:59 p.m. UTC.