Iberia: cliffs and vegetation

The semi-arid southeastern deserts up to the coniferous green forests in the Iberian Peninsula are home to numerous and diverse landscapes. To accurately depict the biomes and climates of Spain and Portugal, Our specialized research, vegetation, and graphics teams have collaborated to develop the precise variety of plants in our forthcoming Iberia extension for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

As you may have realized, the Iberian Peninsula is arid. The Iberian Peninsula has a much more dry climate than we have experienced throughout continental Europe. To better reflect the cooler and dryer climate, Our graphic artists have designed fresh grass texture, dry counterparts rocks, desert textures, and other materials.

New tree models, including palm trees, cypresses, dry shrubs, pines (as discussed in earlier blog posts), olive trees as well as orange as well, and cork trees, have been designed for the forthcoming DLC to showcase the diversity of plants found across Spain as well as Portugal. But, Iberia is not just plain and desert! Many of you might be surprised to discover that the area is extremely rocky. This is why our team developed new rocks and textures. Map makers benefit from our latest tools and the incredible work of our team of procedurally generated gems. This lets them create various stones that follow a particular curve. This will be displayed first in the upcoming DLC.

It is also evident that Iberia is very vibrant! As with other states of the U.S., Spain and Portugal are different in the shades of soil and rocks. Our team tried their best to capture the distinctive shades of each region on the vast peninsula, ranging from yellow to red and occasionally gray. We also wanted to provide our players with a news update about Iberia to Euro Truck Simulator 2. The map developers are currently working on adding information and more to this massive expansion which will need to go through several testing phases before it is released. Once we are at the testing point, we’ll reveal the date of release for the much-anticipated DLC with more certainty.

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We are sure that most of you are happy about the launch of Iberia, and we encourage you to follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to follow the announcements we make live as we are planning to visit Iberia soon. However, until then, we appreciate your patience and for supporting Iberia.

We hope you enjoy discovering more about the vegetation and cliffs that are expected to be found in Iberia, and we are looking forward to sharing further developments soon. Are you excited to take an adventure to Iberia? Then, support Iberia’s release forthcoming DLC and add it to the top of your Steam wishlist. Thank you for your continuous assistance.