Iberia: coastal cities

The coastline is approximately 5 km long, which means that most Iberia’s cities have populations close to or right by the ocean. In the summer, heat temperatures can rise to 40 degrees. However, the ocean breeze acts as a natural condenser that keeps residents cool in the hot summer months.

Today, we’re pleased to share pictures from the various coastal towns in our forthcoming DLC Iberia. We won’t name each of the screen shot locations below, and we would like to suggest you work together and post comments below if you can identify the other locations featured here on the blog.

Malaga is, located near the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the fifth-largest city in Spain. It is famous worldwide for its warm weather beautiful beaches and a vibrant cultural hub with high-rise apartments. It also has an enormous seaport, Puerto de Malaga, the oldest operational port continuously operated in Spain and among the most prestigious ports in the Mediterranean region. This port is accessible all day long and is accessible to cruise ships and cargo ships to ship or receive goods from across the globe.


In terms of ports, Algeciras is one of the biggest ports of Europe and around the world, in three major categories: cargo, container, and transshipment. It is also an important port of entry for industrial companies traveling to the continent of Europe through North Africa. The beautiful city on the coast offers motorists stunning views of the coast, and it even has the world-famous “Rock of Gibraltar” situated on the other part of the Bay.

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If you’re looking for a way to get away from the bustle and hustle of the metropolis, Olhao may be the place for you. The city is considered to be among the top peaceful locations in Portugal. It is one of the very few coastal towns within the Algarve region where the primary economic focus lies in the tourism industry. Like many towns along the coast in Iberia, fishing is among the city’s primary industries.

Bilbao is considered the capital city of Biscayne and is the main cultural, social, and economic central point in The Basque region. With a fashionable old-fashioned neighborhood and industrial heritage with modern day architecture, it’s one of the biggest cities located in the northern part of Spain. It could be one of your initial places to visit when crossing across the borders into Iberia.
These are just a few of the cities and towns along the coast that you can explore and travel to or out of the Iberian Peninsula. If you’re a fan of the things, you like, don’t forget to add Iberia for Euro Truck Simulator 2 to your Steam wishlist. It will help us with our future releases. Gracias / Obrigado!