Euro Truck Simulator 2: Reskin City of Calais

We’re always pleased to share the updates and changes we are working on with our community. Today, we are focused on one of the most significant updates that European drivers will see in the upcoming update 1.39.

We’re introducing you to this port, Calais, as the fourth-largest port of France and the most crowded by passenger volume. The port’s business sector accounts for more than one third of the economic activity of the region. From transporting goods to tourists looking for sun, it’s an important connection to France and the United Kingdom and France.

Many of you already know Calais is one of the cities in our primary game launched in Euro Truck Simulator 2. A special section from our team responsible for map design decided to completely change the appearance of the port and the city to give it a fresh and modern appearance for the upcoming update. What exactly was altered? Let’s look at it! The most significant change you’ll see is how the port is depicted within the gameplay. This Port of Calais is massive, and our development team has done a lot to reflect this fact within the map’s scale accurately. The port that is being rebuilt will be equipped with new facilities, including terminals, gates, ferry ramps, fences, and gates.

The entry point to the port has also seen significant changes along with the road that leads to the port. While it was previously just a traffic circle, it’s been changed into a more extensive custom-designed traffic circle with an elevated bridge. This isn’t the only change on the road network, however. The roads and highways linking the city and port are now more in line with reality and include more realistic exits for highways. At the same time, the town itself of Calais will indeed be similar to the city’s layout, but it will have an entirely new appearance with modern roads, landscape texture, fresh vegetation, and much more. Several industrial structures have been upgraded with unique designs.

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While many significant changes seem evident from these photos, We’ll leave the remainder to study and find out what other small modifications are being implemented. We’re looking forward to sharing the latest changes in version 1.39. Keep an eye on this blog.