Iberia: olives

When you cook your meal, and you add olive oil to your pan, take a close look at the bottle because there’s a good chance that it was produced from Iberia! Spain is known for producing some of the most exquisite olives around and is utilized to make olive oil, and also to serve as tasty table olives.

In reality, Spain produces about half of all olive oil produced, and around 46% of it is exported, which makes the country the top exporter and producer of oil from olives. What made olives such commonplace and popular?

The first olive trees were brought to Spain over 3000 years ago by traveling Phoenicians, the same people who supplied the country with its first grapes! Since then, the olive oil industry has grown exponentially, with over 350 million olives cultivated annually on 250 types of the olive tree. Therefore, it’s no surprise that truckers from Iberia have a significant role in helping export olive oil-related equipment and products to farmers working in the region’s vineyards. Therefore, whether you’re a lover of olives or aren’t, we’d like you to consider becoming an integral part of this internationally renowned business. We’re sure that drivers will have plenty to perform in delivering this delicious and delicate cargo!

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