Iberian Energy

The Iberian Peninsula is the second largest European peninsula in terms of area. with an estimated population of 53 million. The need for electricity is more than ever. So, what is Spain and Portugal doing to make sure there is sufficient energy for all? One way to reach this goal is to utilize modern energy sources rather than traditional sources like coal for electricity generation.

A vibrant contemporary energy source is solar panels, which use the sun’s energy (of which Iberia is rich in) to generate electric power. Solar panels are now widespread in many towns and cities; however, they are most efficient when huge numbers are utilized in a solar farm. These areas, covered with hundreds of solar panels, make up a large portion of Portugal’s and Spain’s electricity. Another common energy source in that region is wind. The Iberian Peninsula is wind captured in turbine farms located in valleys, on hills, and even in the ocean. These powerful wind turbines generate enough power to power up to 1500 homes!

Many other sources of power could satisfy the entire demand of Iberia. We are currently striving to showcase this crucial sector in the coming DLC Iberia for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The DLC will feature new models like solar power plants found all over the globe. If you’re a huge fan of the game, think about making Iberia on the top of your Steam wishlist! It’s a huge help to us, and we appreciate you for all your assistance.