Christmas Gift Distribution Event 2020

In the past, we asked our community members to spread the joy of Christmas to all trucking regions in The 2019 christmas Grand Event. The response was terrific, and we were pleased with ourselves.

You might think, what is better than the magnitude of this effort? What’s a better way to gift to the family for Christmas? The best answer in this year’s Christmas is not to just give, but rather to give with a sense of responsibility! So, we are bringing us the 2020 Wise Giving Christmas event for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator!

We don’t just ask us, as our #1 CommunityEver, to keep up the good name of Great Giving that you earned this year, but we recommend everyone surpass it by giving thoughtfully, and we’re going to assist you in doing it!

We have fresh trailers filled with the most needed presents. Your generosity and good choices will ensure that they reach the people who require them most. If you do this good deed, two means will recognize your efforts. First, we will reward every city with Hearts in proportion to the numbernumber of deliveries it receives and give gifts to each town based on the number of deliveries received. This will be the total amount of Hearts and gifts counted towards the community’s goal.

A city’s more it offers or receives will receive more heart-shaped gifts or hearts, with 5 heart icons and five gifts icons per city.

The community can be tracked through the World of Trucks or directly on the game with the latest external contract interface:

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We’ll kick off this fantastic event by hosting an exclusive broadcast for developers on the 17th of December, which will begin around 6pm CET. It’s going to be lots of fun doing activities during the event, giving prizes for Steam keys, and providing additional details regarding the social sharing contest that allows people who share photos or videos of themselves taking part in the event, using the hashtag #XmasWiseGiving can be entered to win some fantastic prizes.

Event rules

The objective is to have more hearts and gifts given in as many towns across the trucking areas possible. Each city could be awarded up to 5 hearts and five gifts!

To be eligible for One Heart residents must provide to it 1000 tons of cargo, by using the gift bags given.

To be eligible for one gift, the community must send it 1,000 shipping with the gift cargo that is provided.

The level at which you reach 350 hearts/gifts unlocks a different reward for the community.

If you want to achieve your own objective, make at minimum 15 can be played in Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator.

Shortly, by employing Euro Truck Simulator or American Truck Simulator:

  • for the Personal Goal fifteen deliveries in any town during every game.
  • to obtain an Heart for a City 1000 delivery from the city.
  • To receive a present to an entire city: 1000 delivery to the city.
  • You can unlock a unique reward for the community that includes 350 hearts/gifts from each level taken through both games.
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A donation of at least 15 gift delivery can earn you:

  • Benefits in the world of trucking
  • A Christmas theme “Winter Blast” paint job helps you distribute more gifts at the time of the event.

Goals of the Community Goals

Every level with 350 hearts or gifts unlocks unique rewards for the community. There will be six levels in total, and when you’ve reached the 2,100 heart/gifts mark, every community goal will be fulfilled, and we can do it! Note: To be eligible for any community award, you must reach a minimum of your personal goals for Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, or both. Each award is a Steam inventory item in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. After completion, you will be awarded on the event’s page of Your World of Trucks profile. The event will end on January 17, 2017, at 23:59 UTC.