Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Update 1.36

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.36

Size of Update: 3.3 GB

The road towards the Black Sea is fast approaching, So it’s time to shut down Beta and get to the next thing! Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the latest update 1.36 is out now!

As usual, we’d appreciate each of you who helped in feedback, bug reports, and general feedback throughout the beta for public participation. This update is possibly the largest system overhaul we’ve ever implemented, along with some new improvements.

The most notable aspect is the new version of DirectX 11, which has removed the support of DirectX 9 and all of its limitations. Although a few tweaks may be required from time to time, the overall experience is very favorable (increased FPS and smoother gaming and improved LOD performance when playing at longer distances). We were hoping for this since the minimal requirements required for Windows are already compatible with DX11.

To spice things up to make things more lively (since “invisible” adjustments aren’t always appreciated as much as they ought to be), there are two major features as well as some smaller ones.

Corsica is a stunning island located in the Mediterranean is now available to all who people who want to live in France!

DLC owners.

The rides were also added to European truck Simulator 2 after a lengthy period in testing the American version. Please let us know whether you’re satisfied or what changes you’d prefer to see us make in the future.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access several other helpful features, including the long-requested feature that permits truck drivers, trailers, and drivers to be displayed on the map of the manager, contacts not to be tracked by GPS, and many more. If you’d like to look at the full changelog and the changes, you should go through this publicly available beta article or view our video that explains the differences!

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To get the most out of the latest update 1.36 Be sure to eliminate the beta branches so that your game can automatically updated on Steam.

For versions that are not Steam compatible with ETS2, the update will be out in a few days.

List of changes:



  • Objectives
  • The points you should not ignore when taking your way
  • New AI automobiles
  • Semi-trailers, Drivers and Trucks are visible on the manager’s map
  • Fully supported for DX11 (removed DX9)
  • Chinese and other characters that are not Latin (IME) input
  • Enhancements to smoothing (SMAA electrical wires)


  • Changes in the sun’s profile (HDR)
  • Changes to the number plate to accommodate AI (data generated types and background texture data)
  • Dashboard display user interface elements (digital gauges, fuel consumption indicator)
  • History of the Map Editor (undo/redo)
  • Continuous node selection