#HaulingHope Conclusion of the event

In January, at the close of the month, We presented #HaulingHope, an World of Trucks event dedicated to honoring the hardworking drivers and crews that work hard to provide the COVID-19 vaccination to the globe. Today, following the extension of the event, and over one month after, hundreds of thousands of trucks from both our Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator communities participated in this unique and memorable event.

The goal was to transport seven unaffected loads using our specially-designed #HaulingHope trailers. Many of you completed during the initial hours of the festival! It was a source of encouragement for us because we love seeing the community uniting to celebrate these events, mainly when they are centered on such a crucial issue. We appreciate you being part of our celebration to pay tribute to the people around the globe who work throughout the day to provide everything from vital emergency equipment to our products in these difficult times.

What distance did our drivers travel during this special event? Let’s check the numbers!

Incredible work by truckers! We are grateful for your help. We love seeing how much you appreciate being part of these occasions. We wish you a great time to be riding with your recently bought and well-deserved Hope Trucker outboard accessories.