Hauling Hope Event

Virtual truckers from all over the world, we continue to go through difficult times as the globe is fighting COVID-19. The battle isn’t ending, but we can see some light at the end of the tunnel. We are hopeful about the development of COVID-19 vaccines and their swift distribution throughout the globe. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in the distribution of these vaccines across any territory that is trucking in a hopeful world [event!

In March of last year, we asked each of you to participate in a deemed appropriate way, including joining us in a unique #TruckAtHome campaign. The response from the community was remarkable, with a degree of participation we’d never before seen. We continued to be with you in the celebration by offering cash and supplies directly to the frontlines for each new milestone that the community achieved.

This time it’s your journey. We have a tagline: #HaulingHope The goal is to ensure that you deliver this precious and fragile cargo in good condition, so you must be extra cautious when you deliver it. The cargo will withstand tolerance to damage and will require an advanced level of Fragile Cargo ability.

This is an opportunity to be part of delivering something more than just cargo; it’s a chance to inspire the world, even if it’s just virtual.

The location you travel to and the much you travel will depend on the event and your preferences. It’s essential that you take pleasure in the experience and spread the word to ensure that others have a chance to be inspired and stay secure and healthy.

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HaulingHope Event rules

Utilizing the external contract that have a profile linked with World of Trucks, in Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator, or both If you are using external contracts with a shape connected to World of Trucks, American Truck personal objective is to bring at minimum 7 unaffected loads that have the COVID-19 vaccination in any territory that is trucking. To see and transport the cargo, you must possess the Fragile Cargo capability that is at least level 1 or more.


Personal Goal: your contribution of seven or more shipments of the COVID-19 vaccination will result in:

  • World of Trucks achievements .
  • A prestigious Hope Trucker Insiginia cabin that can be put in your vehicle.