Iberia: truck stops and gas stations

Iberia is huge with over 580,000 sq km, and truckers have numerous routes to take. Drivers frequently seek refuge from the heat in mountains or forests and take a break in appropriate areas for rest and fueling stations specially explicitly designed for truck drivers.

Since Iberia is among the most important logistics hubs in Europe, truck stops have become the norm throughout Spain along Portugal. Our team of resource and map teams has focused on the creation of truck stops and fuel stations in our forthcoming Iberia DLC in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

The vast majority of these filling stations have been created by hand using new builds and resources that our map team can hand place. Our teams can design a range of designs that are designed to match their real-world counterparts in the closest way possible. These rest stops may include other drivers who have artificial intelligence coming up to fill up and take an unneeded break in the parking area. Drivers can rest assured they’re not far away from the smallest out-of-town gasoline stations or big truck stops along the highway. When you’re filling up, be sure to add Iberia to the top of your Steam wishlist! It’s a great way to keep us going and will inform the player of its launch in the future. Thank you for your support.