DLC update for ETS2 Cabin Accessories

We wouldn’t like to leave Euro Truck Simulator 2 drivers with no new and exciting features or designs US drivers now get in their truck cabs thanks to Cab Accessories for American Truck Simulator launch.

We’re happy to announce that, If everything goes as planned, we plan to launch an update tomorrow to”Cab Accessories” DLC “Cab Accessories” DLC available for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The update will be available when both games are upgraded to provide the community with access to the latest season-long event (hint hint!). The new content in this Cabin Accessories DLC will be free to current owners. The update will include the equivalents of a variety of practical and attractive items featured in ATS and will consist of a variety of styles exclusive to ETS2. Everything from cups of coffee to notebooks to air fresheners The possibilities for customizing your cabin is (almost) infinite!